60Hertz Utility Asset Management Software

Preventative maintenance software for your electric and renewable critical energy assets.

Simplify Maintenance with our Electric Utility Asset Management Software

There is no electric utility asset management software comparison that rivals our offline-first, simple to use app.

We make it simple to manage data collection, equipment failures and more with 60 Hertz CMMS system.

Why work with 60Hertz’s electric utility asset management software?

With automatic time-stamped data tracking where you can monitor repair teams’ activity and progress.

Our user-friendly mobile interface is compatible with Android and iOS devices and supports multiple web browsers. 

Improve maintenance tracking and make reviewing historical records effortless with digital maintenance records 

Real-time data alerts notify nearby technicians allowing you to operate with improved efficiency

Enable teams to create custom workflows, procedures and legacy integrations.

Predictive maintenance alerts reduce the risk of asset failure and increase production

Maximize your utility operations with our highly intuitive, offline-first maintenance management software.

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Our Electric Utility Asset Management Software Features

Task Management

Make use of proactive maintenance strategies to centrally manage a wide range of utility operations in remote locations.

Custom Checklists

Create custom checklists, tutorials and instructions to reduce maintenance errors.

Fleet-Wide Views

View all your assets while digitizing maintenance records from one single location.

In-App Management

Task management that helps you ensure work safety, note dangerous conditions and close feedback loops.


Improve team accountability and reduce silos with all asset data available from one place.

Service Records

Track repairs and maintenance using real-time data trends. Plus, resolve urgent issues with easy-to-make forms.

Offline Workflow

Enhance productivity by maintaining workflows during times of poor or absent internet connection.

Legacy Ready

Improve maintenance operations by integrating legacy systems and GIS data.

Multilingual Options

Our app supports a wide range of global languages for total ease of use across teams.

60Hertz by the Numbers.

Average cost savings


Maintenance records filed


Million in system assets


Worldwide customers

Remote Areas with Bad Internet Connections Stealing Your Productivity?

Ensure streamlined workflows with our simple, intuitive and offline-first maintenance tracking app.

Transparent Utility Management

Our electric utility asset management software works on mobile devices and desktops.

Proactive Monitoring

We help our field techs overcome the likelihood of system failures by ensuring proactive maintenance and remote asset monitoring are tracked and completed.

Lifecycle Management

Improve asset management processes with robust lifecycle management features that span multiple industries, allowing you to keep asset records up to date and share data easily.

Electric Utility Asset Management
Electric Utility Asset Management

Track Records & Maintain Equipment in the Remote Areas

Our maintenance management app makes it easy to track maintenance operations. We make it simple to manage assets, improve efficiency and reduce costs, even in the middle of nowhere.

Additional benefits include:

Clear and Simple Features

Eliminate confusion and job-site issues with custom work order instructions, active log updates and task checklists.

Maintain Full Accountability 

Manage and empower your entire field crew with time-stamped tracking.

Vegetation Management Software Utilities

Leverage the power of our vegetation management software to automate planning, detection, dispatch and reporting for preventative maintenance of wild growth.

Cut Down on Operating Errors

Our electric utility asset management system will help you and your repair teams reduce errors and ensure reporting accuracy. 

With automatic time-stamped data tracking, you can monitor repair teams’ activity and progress.

Additional features of our electric utility software include:

Electric Utility Asset Management

Case Studies

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Vegetation Management
Mother nature and power lines are not the best of friends. Low-hanging lines, dangerous trees and overgrown vegetation can be disruptive and dangerous for utilities and their workforce. Find out how the 60Hertz Software can resolve utility inspection and maintenance management hazards.
Substation Inspections
Inspecting all aspects of a substation is crucial for ensuring reliable delivery of electricity, public and utility personnel safety while adhering strictly to compliance requirements. 60Hertz purpose-built platform is the perfect solution to substation inspections and maintenance.
Pole Inspections
Utilities today face the daunting task of maintaining, inspecting and repairing a vast array of grid assets. Find out how advanced CMMS and mobile workflows can assist pole inspections.
Public Power
Historically technologies aiming to improve reliability and lower the cost of electricity delivery have been aimed at large Utilities. Implementing cost-reducing technologies becomes difficult for Public Power and Coops. 60Hertz provides a single platform that is easy to use regardless of the size of your utility, making compliance and audits a breeze.

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Smart Asset Management for Utilities

With 60Hertz and our TRAK App, you gain:

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Short for Computerized Maintenance Management System, a CMMS centralizes maintenance logs, helping optimize and automate maintenance operations.

Electric utility companies must manage a broad spread of assets–both operationally and geographically. Assets can include power lines, power stations, substations, and gas pipelines. Even equipment like fleet can count towards the assets of the company.