Streamline Your Solar O&M Process

Transfer fault codes from your DAS directly into our work order management tool with 60Hertz Energy’s O&M software.

Solar O&M Companies, Revolutionize Your Maintenance With a CMMS

60Hertz software goes further than field data capture: we bring real-time asset performance and asset management functions to help utility, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and commercial solar service companies implement an effective maintenance strategy.

Your software tech stack does not need to be complicated; yet monitoring and ERP do not replace work order management.

Why work with us:

  • Unlock solar insights: Leverage telemetry data for deep solar performance understanding.
  • Global maintenance management: Seamlessly schedule upkeep regardless of signal strength or location.
  • Instant issue intervention: Real-time alerts preempt costly failures, empowering swift actions.
  • Scalable for all: Tailored software for residential, commercial & utility-scale solar ventures.
  • Streamlined operations: Digitize PV O&M checklists for meticulous, worry-free maintenance.
  • Save money from our market-leading predictive algorithms for soiling mitigation for utility-scale assets.
  • Join the solar evolution – where insights, connectivity, and efficiency converge for unparalleled results.

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Discover what a CMMS can do for your solar o&m company.

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CMMS Features for Solar O&M Companies

Competitive Features

At 60Hertz, we are proud to bring you our comprehensive O&M management software. We go above and beyond what the market offers, all at an affordable price for our valued customers. This includes:

  • Data Acquisition System (DAS) integrations
  • Automated fault code triggered jobs
  • A commissioning tool
  • Tickets generated from the field
  • Supportive UI/UX for new hires and new trainees

Discover the power of more for less with our platform. Our extensive range of features include:

  • Seamless integrations with more than 20 common hardware and monitoring brands
  • Condition alerts engine
  • A user-friendly commissioning tool
  • A native offline mobile app

Fix problems faster thanks to tickets from the field. Report to customers thanks to multiple ways: from branded PDFs to CSV downloadable content or Power BI integrations. Highly customizable workflows. 

Ditch the manual processes that increase costs, mistakes, and time. Set conditions. Schedule PM. Use our Standard Operating Procedures or bring your own. 

Optimize asset longevity. Fulfill service contracts confidently. Grow revenue from service. Act on data-informed decisions that drive cost savings and carbon savings.

We ensure efficient maintenance planning for your operations. This means work flows that reflect knowledge of field techs and office-based supervisors.

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A CMMS Can Transform Your Solar O&M Operations

60Hertz CMMS revolutionizes solar O&M operations with an intuitive mobile app, highly customizable forms, efficient work order processing, and integrations.

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CMMS for Solar O&M: Change the Game in Solar Energy Management

Solar OM

Work Order Management for Solar O&M Operations

Introducing our comprehensive dashboard providing a concise summary of all maintenance tasks: scheduled, in-progress, and completed.

We offer an intuitive work request portal, enabling your maintenance team to report issues, while ensuring all necessary information is included. 

Simplify scheduling operations with our user-friendly maintenance calendar, making the process quick and efficient even across hundreds of sites and multiple field teams. 

Further enhance productivity with our mobile app, allowing your maintenance team to access and complete work orders swiftly and conveniently, even while on the move.

Effectively Handle Asset Management

Managing asset information becomes increasingly difficult as the number of assets grows. Traditional methods like texting and spreadsheets are not only inefficient but also prone to inaccuracies or mistakes. 

With a CMMS, assets can be organized in a clear parent-to-child hierarchy, making it easy to search and access the information on a single page. This system also provides detailed work histories and comprehensive cost of ownership reports for equipment. 

Real-time reporting with key performance indicators, and asset performance metrics further enhance the user experience. 

With a user-friendly CMMS, accessing asset data becomes effortless. You benefit both the life of the asset and reducing overall O&M expenditures.

Solar OM Companies
solar om company

Easy Access to Maintenance Reports

A good CMMS system should provide easy access to maintenance data and facilitate analysis. 

With customizable dashboards and reports, you can track and compare KPIs and metrics

You can also share reports in various formats like Excel and PDF. 

With comprehensive reports at your fingertips, it is easier than ever to identify areas for optimization and improvement in your O&M strategy.

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