Easily Maintain Your Virtual Power Plant

60Hertz Energy is the first work order management aggregation software that combines monitoring, AI, and operations and maintenance (O&M) for DERs. 

With 60Hertz, virtual power plants (VPPs) can finally have the tools they need to effectively monitor the health of their assets as they scale. 

Empower Better Virtual Power Plant Maintenance With 60Hertz Energy

Power through preventative maintenance with 60Hertz Energy software.

Why choose 60Hertz Energy?

  • Increase grid reliability and energy management with multiple technology integration from a single platform.
  • Ensure that residential and commercial DER assets remain online to ensure electricity grid reliability.
  • Better visibility into real time asset health and optimized workflows offer additional value for stakeholders, reducing costs and mitigating risks.
  • Integrate diverse DERs and maintain flexible uptime through preventative maintenance.
  • Prioritize data security and flexibility, enabling scalability and long-term success of VPPS.
  • Our demand-responsive solution not only optimizes workflows but also helps mitigate risk.

Make more informed decisions about your virtual power plant assets and gain greater visibility into asset health through 60Hertz’s solution!

Discover what a CMMS can do for your virtual power plant maintenance.

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Improve Operational Efficiency With These
CMMS Features for Virtual Power Plants

Real-Time Communication for Uninterrupted Connectivity

The challenge for solar power and distributed energy resources (DER) is ensuring consistent connectivity. Communication is critical for power consumers and distributors alike. 

60Hertz mitigates this delicate balance of supply and demand that is heavily impacted by any disruption in the network:

  • Maintain online status of assets for grid reliability
  • Achieve greater efficiency with our demand-responsive solution
  • Integration of diverse DERs for optimized performance
  • Optimize uptime with preventative maintenance

While a lack of generation capacity can be addressed through traditional methods like additional power plants, addressing disruptions in communication and connectivity require more nuanced solutions. 

By implementing 60Hertz’s CMMS, both in terms of internet service providers and communication channels, the impact of outages can be minimized, allowing for uninterrupted VPP operation. 

The importance of responsive connectivity cannot be overstated, and those in the industry are wise to take heed of this critical aspect of energy distribution.

Power Up With 60Hertz: Dynamic Solutions For A Smarter, More Reliable Grid

60Hertz is leading the way in creating a smarter, more reliable and scalable grid.

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The Integral Role of CMMS in Virtual Power Plant Management

Virtual power plants play a vital role in providing reliable energy services to the grid. 

The integral role of CMMS in virtual power plant management is paramount in ensuring efficient and optimal performance. Managed from remote locations, VPP management is prone to limited control over behind-the-meter internet connectivity and basic maintenance needs for DER fleets. 

Such challenges could impact uptime guarantees in VPPs, triggering a major setback in energy provision. Tackling these issues with proactive measures, continuous improvement efforts, responsive connectivity, collaborative partnerships, and performance-based contracts is vital to achieving seamless energy services to the grid. 

Furthermore, incorporating CMMS software and big data analysis helps optimize VPPs in real-time, allowing the delivery of clean energy exactly where and when it’s needed. 

As sustainability continues to become a necessity, pioneering the adoption of such modern energy technologies is key in securing a brighter future.

Build Resilient, Sustainable Energy Networks With a CMMS for Virtual Power Plants

Virtual power plants have emerged as a game-changer in the energy industry. With the increasing availability of DERs and the imperative of reducing carbon emissions, VPPs offer a reliable and sustainable source of power while opening new revenue streams for DERs owners. 

The adoption of smart grid technologies and increasing demand for electricity further underscores the importance of building resilient and scalable energy networks that can manage grid stability. 

VPPs offer a flexible solution that can effectively manage energy demand during peak periods, ensuring uninterrupted supply to households and businesses. 

However, when the uptime guarantees for VPPs are not met due to factors beyond your control, it is crucial to have a maintenance plan in place. 

With a CMMS designed for VPPs, you can ensure that your power network operates efficiently, minimizing downtime, and maximizing return on investment.

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