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Historically, commercial utilities and project developers spent long hours correlating asset data, manually transcribing paper forms into digital platforms, undertaking painstaking reviews of maintenance records, and preparing elaborate maintenance schedules to communicate across field crews and contractors. Reliance on pen and paper or software like Excel and WhatsApp meant that maintenance was often time-consuming, inefficient and costly.
A well-thought-out maintenance strategy gives developers confidence they can generate the renewable...
The day-to-day operations of solar PV systems often take precedence from the planning required to brainstorm new ideas to accumulate revenue streams and maximize your profits. Imagine if someone granted you the handbook that guaranteed your solar services line of business flourished in a competitive market? Where would you even start if you wanted to launch this as a new line of business?
  Along with general living costs, it will be no surprise that utility...
According to Power Grid International, there are between 160 and 180 million wood utility poles in service in this country, costing over $1,000 per unit to replace. Allied Market Research shows us that the global utility poles market size was valued at $45.6 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $58.8 billion by 2026. This data tells us these poles are among the most valuable assets a utility company owns.
Powering Africa with clean energy Daystar Power is committed to the advancement...

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