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Operate and optimize your BESS systems with 60Hertz Energy’s CMMS, trusted by clients across 4 continents.

It’s More Than a BMS You Need: Energy Storage System Management + CMMS

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) have inherent risks that 60Hertz understands and mitigates.

Why work with us:

  • Commission confidently: BESS commissioning is notoriously complicated and lengthy. We can help.
  • Negotiate reduced insurance premiums with safety inspections, preventative maintenance, and third-party inspections referenceable.
  • Turn real time alerts into actionable work orders to save cycle count, avoid low states of charge, and reduced risks.
  • Through partners: 60Hertz also provides predictive diagnostics to ensure energy storage health is optimal.
  • Through partners: 60Hertz automates revenue-prioritized tickets to increase your bottom line.
  • Overlay human activity with BMS and EMS in a single, time-series database.
  • Tap into an offline-first mobile app to hasten field tech efficacy.

From asset commissioning, to negotiating terms for service agreements, to upskilling utility staff on new BESS operations, 60Hertz Energy drives the cost-savings that stand at the intersection of monitoring and taking action to optimize and protect your BESS.

Discover what a CMMS can do for your energy storage systems maintenance.

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Boosting Operational Excellence With These CMMS Features for Energy Storage Systems

In Fair Weather, Prepare for Foul

Industry and utilities increasingly turn to Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for resiliency, back-up power, frequency regulation, economic arbitrage and avoided curtailment of renewables. 

System owners or service companies must operate their BESS with expertise despite staff with limited exposure to this asset class. Federal infrastructure funds, new investor capital, or rate-based assets carry responsibility and risk: yet today’s workforce are novices at operating and optimizing these systems. 

Through strategic partnerships with top industry leaders, 60Hertz’s analytics help our customers better plan for the impacts of weather on their operations:

  • For critical extreme weather events or simply increased moisture thanks to La Niña
  • Address state of reliability
  • Improve BESS fire safety with preventative maintenance
  • Combat supply chain delays and prolong asset lifespan

Now, utilities and energy companies can better plan and schedule maintenance and corrective work for storage assets. 

Unexpected maintenance is the greatest threat to attaining project ROI; weather is often the expensive wild-card. Predictive analytics can’t predict the future, but can inform optimized maintenance planning. 

With more than 20 GW of storage in North America, largely serving grid power, optimization and proper O&M are not negotiable.

Navigate The Energy Future: The Role Of CMMS In Energy Storage Systems

Automate revenue prioritization for increased profits with 60Hertz’s CMMS.

Why Asset Managers Trust 60Hertz—By the Numbers


Site generation improved


Improved O&M efficiency

2 + 6

2 hours of time + 6 months of data = actionable results

Redefine Efficiency With a CMMS for Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Navigate the Energy Future: The Role of CMMS in Energy Storage Systems

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, 60Hertz provides a comprehensive digital simulation of your plant through partner collaboration. 

Our state-of-the-art algorithms and human response enable us to analyze and measure shading, soiling, insulation, long-term degradation, and other factors.

With a level of detailed insight unmatched in the industry, our simulation empowers users to identify and proactively tackle potential problems before they become significant. 

By increasing site generation by 2-4% and improving O&M efficiency by 15%, our advanced analytics and technology have proven to be invaluable in ensuring optimal solar energy storage systems. 

At 60Hertz, we are dedicated to delivering utility scale battery storage solutions that enhance power generation and drive sustainable energy practices.

Redefine Energy Efficiency and Sustainability With a CMMS for Energy Storage Systems

Investing in 60Hertz’s advanced platform could be the game-changer your energy generation plant needs. Shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance is essential in today’s fast-paced world, and that’s precisely what this platform provides. 

Say goodbye to overlooked issues and welcome a new era of increased generation. With enhanced monitoring of operations, you’ll never miss a beat. This is especially crucial as plants move towards clean energy generation systems such as solar energy and battery storage. 

By efficiently managing your plant’s performance, you could increase your revenue significantly while reducing the reliance on fossil fuel systems. 

In a world where renewable energy is the norm and demands are rising, it pays to be ahead of the curve.

Energy Storage Systems
Energy Storage Systems

How 60Hertz Helps Energy Storage Systems Transition from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance

As the world shifts towards renewable energy, solar energy storage systems are becoming increasingly popular. 

These large-scale systems rely on battery storage to store energy for use during times of peak demand or when solar energy is unavailable. Maintaining their optimal performance is critical to ensure that the stored energy is readily available when needed. 

Reactive maintenance, or waiting for something to fail before fixing it, is neither efficient nor economical. 

60Hertz helps energy storage systems transition from reactive to proactive maintenance, ensuring that system downtime is minimized and energy availability is optimized. 

With 60Hertz’s expertise, energy storage systems can operate efficiently and reliably, supporting the transition to a sustainable future.

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