Water & Wastewater Utilities CMMS

Maintain the most critical infrastructure on the planet with 60Hertz – asset management for water and wastewater utilities. 

Revolutionize Your Asset Management Software for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Digitize for your operation and maintenance processes and optimize asset management for water and wastewater utilities.

Why choose 60Hertz Energy as your CMMS for water & wastewater utilities?

  • Ensure reliable delivery of critical water supplies, water infrastructure and treatment facilities.
  • Democratize data analytics for full accessibility to the water utility staff.
  • Eliminate paperwork and optimize your asset management program.
  • Improve accuracy of water and wastewater data collected in the field and respond to maintenance needs accordingly.
  • Easily collect data to improve common inspection processes for long-term asset health, such as water lines, pumps, cathodic protection, backup generators etc.
  • Got an issue? Our customer service team is always ready to help, 24/7.

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What Local Businesses Say About Our Water and Wastewater Utility Software

Businesses That Trust Our Utility Management Software for Water and Wastewater

The Benefits of Managing the Water and Wastewater Utility

Painless Transition

Seamlessly move from Excel to active, accurate data aggregation—all with support from training to deployment.

Real-Time Updates

Never lose business-critical information again. Near-real-time maintenance updates empower clear reporting between you and your teams in the field.

Insights Through Analytics

Gain new insights with our feature-rich analytics tool, providing you with deeper insights about operations and maintenance.

Human-Centered Design

Empower your frontline team with the all-in-one TRAK app, which includes multiple languages & inclusive design and features

Predictive Maintenance

Do more than passively monitor your assets—leverage data to automatically trigger work orders as soon as an asset requires maintenance.

Customizable Features

Extend the lifespan of your water & wastewater utilities with our highly customizable platform, including customizable forms and KPI tracking.

Versatile Use Cases

Collect accurate, actionable data with a CMMS designed to accommodate every type of operation within water & wastewater utilities.

Eliminate Oversights

Maintain 360-degree visibility across your operation, from checklist to historic data, and more.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Got a problem or need advice? Just give our dedicated team of specialists a call—they’re ready to help, 24/7.

How 60Hertz Energy’s CMMS Simplifies Caring For Water & Wastewater Utilities

Act on up-to-date field data, and streamline and reduce parts inventory management to ensure key components are available when needed.

Our CMMS is powerful even in the most remote locations.

Why Use 60Hertz for Your Water and Wastewater Utilities Monitoring?


Dedicated users across 7 countries


Site inspections completed


Available customer support

Water & Wastewater Utilities Computerized Maintenance Management System Features

water & wastewater utilities

First-Choice Management Software for Water and Wastewater Utilities

No matter where the demands of water and wastewater asset maintenance take you, your CMMS has you covered. Reduce downtime and increase asset lifespan with accurate data collection and monitoring. 

Plus, you’re able to tailor your CMMS to the demands of water & wastewater utilities, from asset monitoring to replacement.

Track key performance indices (KPI) that matter most, like repairs and possible pipe breakages.

Mobile-First Water & Wastewater Utilities App With Offline Capabilities and Seamless Integration

Water and wastewater utilities operations understand better than most that uninterrupted network connectivity isn’t always an option. But that doesn’t mean you need to lose data. 

That’s where the power of your offline-first software comes in, allowing you to keep working around the clock, even without the internet.

Keep maintenance moving and assets performing as they should with your own on-the-go CMMS.

Software for Water and Wastewater Utilities
Water & Wastewater Utilities CMMS

Intuitive and Inclusive User Interface

The demands of your utility maintenance need to evolve with the industry.

Depend on a simple, failsafe, and user-friendly management system to get the job done. That’s why we created a CMMS that’s even more inclusive, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Work with a CMMS that has over 300 hours of Human Centered Design (HCD) poured into its design, built on a wealth of insight from different sectors and geographies.

Optimizes asset lifespan and revenue, and improve employee satisfaction and productivity

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How Asset Managers Level Up Maintenance With a CMMS for Water & Wastewater Utilities

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