Unlock Solar Revenue Potential: An Interview with Matt Herman.


The day-to-day operations of solar PV systems often take precedence from the planning required to brainstorm new ideas to accumulate revenue streams and maximize your profits. Imagine if someone granted you the handbook that guaranteed your solar services line of business flourished in a competitive market? Where would you even start if you wanted to launch this as a new line of business?


60Hertz gives you this one-off chance to gain insight and knowledge from our panelists of experts at our “How to Grow your Solar Services Revenue” webinar. 

Introducing the Guest Panelist and Industry Veteran



Matt Herman

Co-Owner, Director of O&M Services at  Namasté Solar Electric, Inc.

Matt is accountable for strategic planning, financial analysis, business development, internal systems management, and personnel management. He has a strong commitment to understanding the long-term challenges faced by aging solar PV facilities, educating system owners honestly about these challenges, and building a team that takes pride in its technical acumen and integrity.

An Interview with our Guest Panellist

Matt Herman, Director of O&M Services for Namasté Solar Electric Inc (NSE), will be joining 60Hertz for an enlightening discussion and interactive workshop. Our joint mission is to empower commercial and utility customers to set themselves up for success and ensure their renewable solar assets are producing at optimal levels, giving solar enterprises substantial yield.

Matt understands the long-term challenges faced by aging solar PV facilities. He is committed to educating system owners honestly about these challenges, and building a team that takes pride in its technical acumen and integrity.


60Hertz recently interviewed Matt Herman to try and get a sneak peek of what participants can expect to find out during our upcoming webinar.


We’re all excited to learn how to increase solar services revenue. What is the key take-home you are hoping to leave listeners?

“I want to leave listeners with the notion that inexperienced solar PV asset owners need to be helped by solar integrators to understand the long-term maintenance needs of solar PV systems. I want listeners to start planning for O&M during the design and sales process and get them considering modifying EPC/O&M agreements that help all stakeholders after system assembly, for example, right-sized scopes, term lengths aligning with workmanship warranties, etc.”


Can you give us a sneak peek as to what topics you will be discussing?

“We can be flexible here, presently the sizzling topics I plan to cover are as follows:

  1. The challenges and lessons learned about caring for solar PV after 16 years of building and maintaining systems in Colorado.
  2. Clear and honest messaging to provide inexperienced customers for setting realistic long-term maintenance expectations.
  3. Design considerations that support the longevity and productivity of solar PV systems.
  4. Contract considerations that benefit all stakeholders involved in building and maintaining solar PV projects.”

60Hertz’s Facilitated Topics  will also include: 

  1. Maintenance management’s role in premature degradation.

    Arrays installed for several years may face degradation or silent failure. Catching this degradation early via a service contract will make you a hero. Managing service contracts for your customers is more than Excel and text messaging can fulfill at scale.

    This article by Neurons Lab explains why predictive maintenance is an integral factor in the success of a green energy company or start-up.

    “To keep this amazing growth, green energy company owners have to think not only about cultural movement but also about effectiveness and competition, which makes any market healthy and long-term oriented.”

  2. Industry Market Insights to Revenue generated by service contracts


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