Top 4 Renewable Energy Software Trends


In the rapidly evolving landscape of sustainable energy, the commercial viability of renewable sources like solar, wind, and geothermal energy has seen a remarkable increase. Central to this transformation is the advent of renewable energy software solutions, which are revolutionizing how we harness, manage, and optimize these green energy sources.

Hint: These solutions are all found within what’s known as a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

“These tools not only enhance the operational efficiency of renewable energy projects but also contribute significantly to their commercial success,” said Piper Wilder, CEO and Founder, 60Hertz Energy.

With renewables generating 20% of all U.S. energy (a number which is only slated to grow), the question of effective asset management and lifespan extension of renewable energy assets becomes a non-negotiable.

In this blog post, we’ll go into the latest trends in renewable energy software technologies, spotlighting the innovations that are setting new standards for efficiency and performance.

Renewable Energy Software Solutions
Source: Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

The Top 4 Renewable Software Technologies Trending

Here’s how CMMS is proving integral as a flexible renewable energy software solution, providing the technologies driving these trends.

What is a CMMS?

A CMMS is a software tool that helps organizations manage maintenance operations. It automates scheduling, tracks work orders, monitors asset performance, and stores historical maintenance data.

This supports efficient resource allocation, reducing downtime, and extending the lifespan of assets.

1. Energy Management

Energy efficiency is crucial for addressing climate change and reducing operational costs. A CMMS facilitates the development of preventive maintenance strategies by automating scheduling, work orders, and notifications.

Automating work orders with a CMMS likewise reminds technicians of tasks, such as upcoming maintenance. With this software, you can create maintenance plans that ensure procedures are thoroughly completed, leveraging checklists to guarantee energy efficiency in maintenance tasks.

2. Data Analysis and Visualization

Data analysis and visualization are essential for understanding and optimizing renewable energy systems. Various analysis methods provide insights into the performance and potential of renewable energy projects.

These include:

  • Descriptive analysis: Summarizes current and historical data to identify trends and patterns, offering a clear view of energy production and consumption.
  • Predictive analysis: Forecasts future scenarios based on current data, aiding in demand and supply planning, and price forecasting.
  • Prescriptive analysis: Suggests optimal actions based on data analysis, improving scheduling, maintenance, and operational decisions.
  • Exploratory analysis: Uncovers new insights, identifying correlations and anomalies that can lead to improved strategies and uncovering niche opportunities.

3. Project Management and Collaboration

Efficient project management and collaboration are key to the success of renewable energy projects. A CMMS streamlines these processes, offering significant time savings and enhancing production.

For example, with a CMMS, you can handle:

  • Work order management: Quickly create, prioritize, and assign work orders, with the ability to access and update asset records from anywhere, even offline.
  • Multi-asset management: Manage maintenance for multiple assets on a single work order, integrating real-time condition monitoring to trigger necessary maintenance tasks efficiently.

4. Improving Asset Life

Asset management is crucial for minimizing equipment breakdowns, costly repairs, and downtime, directly impacting productivity and service levels in manufacturing plants.

A CMMS simplifies asset management by centralizing data from various locations, improving the accuracy and effectiveness of asset information storage. This centralized approach provides visibility into equipment performance, enabling timely maintenance and repairs, extending equipment life and reducing downtime.

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What to Look for in Your Renewable Energy Software Solution

When seeking a renewable energy software solution, prioritize features that align with the unique demands of managing and maintaining distributed physical assets.

Key aspects to consider include:

  1. Customization: Look for software that offers specialized features tailored to the tracking of KPIs for utility/operator asset owners. Customizable forms and fields should match your current operational processes.
  2. Mobility and offline access: Essential for teams in remote areas, the software must be mobile-first and function offline. This ensures that your team can update and use the system even in locations with limited network access, maintaining productivity and data accuracy.
  3. Comprehensive integration: The ability to consolidate data from multiple systems into one platform is likewise vital. Look for software that offers comprehensive system integrations, allowing for a unified view of operations and enabling automations and triggers from external data sources.
  4. Support and training: A provider that offers robust training and managed services ensures your team can maximize the software’s benefits from the start, with ongoing support to address any challenges.


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  • Make project management more efficient: Save hundreds of hours with our CMMS, allowing you to quickly manage work orders and asset records, even in offline environments.
  • Extend asset life: Prevent equipment breakdowns and costly repairs. Our centralized data management enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of asset information storage

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