Public Power Utilities CMMS

Empower locally controlled public power utilities to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity for over 50 million Americans. 

Streamline Maintenance with Public Power Utilities Systems

Improve service reliability  for all types of electric utilities with scalable CMMS maintenance management technology.

Why choose 60Hertz Energy for a CMMS for public utilities?

  • Standardize maintenance procedures and set schedule services for your whole team with a few clicks.
  • Safeguard your asset data. All documentation is stored in a format that is easy to retrieve.
  • Don’t wait for results. Get real-time performance insights and powerful analytics to guide asset maintenance and decision-making
  • Weak signal or no signal? Work with an offline-first software for uninterrupted functionality.
  • Reduce OPEX and improve production and delivery.
  • Got an issue? Contact our 24/7/365 customer support. Our friendly experts are always ready to help.

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Cmms Features for Public Power and Utilities

Painless Transition

Worried about the technicalities of moving from Excel to electronic data collection?

We’re here to help every step of the way—from training to deployment.

Real-Time Updates

Lost data and breakdowns in communication are a thing of the past. Near-real-time maintenance updates support rapid report updates between you and your teams in the field.

Insights Through Analytics

Capture all data through a robust API. You’ll get insights into operations you’ve been missing, and improve workflows from day 1.

Human-Centered Design

Empower your frontline teams with an on-the-go app that includes multiple languages and human-centered features for easy adoption in the field. 

Condition-Based Maintenance

Trigger work orders as soon as maintenance is required. Easily set parameters for work order generation and more.

Customizable Features

Extend the lifespan of assets with customizable forms, work order templates and schedules—all at your fingertips.

Versatile Use Cases

Guarantee power is provided to the public with minimal downtime thanks to CMMS versatility and data aggregation.

Eliminate Oversights

Maintain full operation visibility by leveraging checklists, time-stamps, historic data, and an on-the-go admin portal.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Got an issue? Need advice? Our dedicated team of specialists is available to make sure your CMMS is always performing at its best.

Why You Should Maintain Public Power Utilities With A CMMS

Public power utilities and electric cooperatives can eliminate paperwork, improve field data accuracy and enrich electric service reliability. With 60Hertz, maintenance is just a click away.

Why Choose 60Hertz as Your Public Power Utilities System?


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Increase Public Power Utility Asset Lifespan With 60Hertz Energy

Public Power Utilities CMMS

First-Choice Management Software for Public Power and Utilities

We’ve pioneered and developed some of industry’s leading Computerized Maintenance and Management Software (CMMS)—helping users like you better streamline workflows and reduce downtime. 

With the power of 60Hertz in your pocket, you’ll extend asset lifespans—and keep the lights on for the public.

Whether you’re a large utilities company or a microgrid owner/operator, you’re able to track energy output and other imperative KPIs.

Mobile-First Public Power Management Software With Offline Capabilities and Seamless Integration

Public utilities aren’t just in towns and cities—we know your work can get remote

That’s where our offline-first software comes in, allowing you to work with or without internet connectivity.  

Get the most from your work and planning, form asset inspections to vegetation management to critical storm response and work orders. 

Your platform provides power utilities and electric cooperatives with the needed tools to automate and digitize all common workflows that ensure reliable service to their members and consumers. 

Save money, improve uptime, and reduce the length of unforeseen outages.

Software for Public Power and Utilities

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Find out how a monitoring+ CMMS can help. Used for 1,000+ sites.

How Businesses Advance with our Maintenance Management App

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Vegetation Management
Mother nature and power lines are not the best of friends. Low-hanging lines, dangerous trees and overgrown vegetation can be disruptive and dangerous for utilities and their workforce. Find out how the 60Hertz Software can resolve utility inspection and maintenance management hazards.
Substation Inspections
Inspecting all aspects of a substation is crucial for ensuring reliable delivery of electricity, public and utility personnel safety while adhering strictly to compliance requirements. 60Hertz purpose-built platform is the perfect solution to substation inspections and maintenance.
Pole Inspections
Utilities today face the daunting task of maintaining, inspecting and repairing a vast array of grid assets. Find out how advanced CMMS and mobile workflows can assist pole inspections.
Public Power
Historically technologies aiming to improve reliability and lower the cost of electricity delivery have been aimed at large Utilities. Implementing cost-reducing technologies becomes difficult for Public Power and Coops. 60Hertz provides a single platform that is easy to use regardless of the size of your utility, making compliance and audits a breeze.