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Streamline your condition-based maintenance from alarms to job closure with our CMMS.

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Our comprehensive cloud-based solutions and third-party integrations make it easy for you to manage your solar, storage, microgrid, or utility operations.

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The Industries We Serve

Critical Infrastructure
Reduce downtime and ensure constant energy supply with a CMMS supporting critical infrastructure protection.
Public Power Systems
Improve service delivery for all types of electric utilities with your own scalable CMMS.
Renewable Energy Sector
Easily manage everything from battery storage systems to solar panels and improve your asset lifespans.
Microgrid Maintenance
For emerging markets or resilience in North America, we developed the first microgrid maintenance software to market.
Water/Wastewater Utilities
Maintain your most critical infrastructure with easy access to data analytics and more.
Virtual Power Plants
Improve the reliability of your grid with integrations of multiple technologies from a single platform.
Soiling Mitigation Contractors
Dirty solar modules cost more than most asset owners realize. If you are experienced with, or new to soiling mitigation, our tech will drive profits.
Solar O&M Companies
Improve your understanding of the performance of your solar array with telemetry data and seamless maintenance scheduling.
Energy Storage Systems
Real-time alerts into actionable work orders—that’s what your CMMS can do.

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Get Ahead of the Competition with Our Innovative Technology

When you use 60Hertz Energy software, bring your own monitoring tools into our platform to make informed decisions and enact corrective action more efficiently.

You can also benefit from a reliable centralized monitoring system for O&M, offering near real-time insights. Our flexible maintenance task scheduling helps enhance visibility and communication among teams.

Gain a competitive edge through advanced automation tools and save valuable time and resources by automating mundane tasks.

Explore the benefits of our CMMS and start optimizing your operations today.

Case Studies

Download Useful Resources to Find out how 60Hertz Maintenance Software Benefits Renewable Energy Resources’ Assets, Utilities and Communities.

Vegetation Management
Mother nature and power lines are not the best of friends. Low-hanging lines, dangerous trees and overgrown vegetation can be disruptive and dangerous for utilities and their workforce. Find out how the 60Hertz Software can resolve utility inspection and maintenance management hazards.
Substation Inspections
Inspecting all aspects of a substation is crucial for ensuring reliable delivery of electricity, public and utility personnel safety while adhering strictly to compliance requirements. 60Hertz purpose-built platform is the perfect solution to substation inspections and maintenance.
Pole Inspections
Utilities today face the daunting task of maintaining, inspecting and repairing a vast array of grid assets. Find out how advanced CMMS and mobile workflows can assist pole inspections.
Public Power
Historically technologies aiming to improve reliability and lower the cost of electricity delivery have been aimed at large Utilities. Implementing cost-reducing technologies becomes difficult for Public Power and Coops. 60Hertz provides a single platform that is easy to use regardless of the size of your utility, making compliance and audits a breeze.