Drive asset longevity and avoid critical failures

Our software helps you manage all aspects of your maintenance process and drives program success, even in the most remote and inaccessible locations.

Track, maintain & monitor remote assets, with 60Hertz


Add your commissioning checklist

Ensure your equipment is installed correctly from day one. Reduce the time and cost of support tickets, and ease information sharing across stakeholders, from manufactures and installer to the maintainer.


Integrate your legacy systems

60Hertz is ready to connect with your legacy systems, helping you drive efficient and effective preventative maintenance culture.


Manage unlimited assets

Manage an infinite number and type of assets, from one fleet view. Use your insights to drive repair/replace decisions for your fleet.

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Update your maintenance records

Help local field agents achieve more. Reduce skilled personnel’s trips to field. Automatically track maintenance records within the platform – even in areas of low-connectivity.

Mobile TRAK App

60Hertz TRAK, built for your onsite technician

60Hertz TRAK features

  • Asset tagged photo documentation means no more scrolling through WhatsApp

  • Customized preventative maintenance checklists ensures quality assurance

  • Data trends alert onsite operator to issues, saving costly site visits

  • Personnel accountability helps supports job ownership

  • Helpful tips up-skill operators, offering on the job troubleshooting support

  • Digital maintenance records make it easy to look back over historical data

  • Our off-line First approach means your team is always productive

  • Push ad hoc forms to your onsite personnel to address urgent issues

  • Front line maintainers can trigger workflows, streamlining your processes

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use design reduces staff training period


60Hertz Maintenance Manager

A maintenance software designed for your unique maintenance model

Maintenance Manager features:

  • Simple data driven repair/replace decision support

  • Avoid missed maintenance, manage unlimited number of assets in one location

  • Track all maintenance records across your team, saving you time and effort

  • Efficient photo management removes the need to scroll through text messages

  • In-app tools to support job ownership and accountability for your staff

  • Trend and compare all your data


Asset Builder App

Customize your assets, range validation and track what’s most important to you

Asset Builder Features:

  • Most CMMS systems are time consuming data entry nightmares. 60Hertz makes building your assets simple with sample data

  • Efficiently keep your asset records up to date throughout the life cycle, finally sharing data with accounting isn’t such a headache

  • Create work spaces and assign team members to regions to keep your team focused and efficient

  • Develop custom range validation and alerts since you know your assets best

  • Build workflows, keep people engaged and productive

  • Personnel Profiles makes your team feel connected and ignites knowledge transfer


The Power of 60Hertz


Avoid human error


Increase asset longevity


Maintenance culture

Our features

Accessible & intuitive user interface

Our user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. We have helped maintenance workers of all ages and ability-levels unlock the power of 60Hertz maintenance management.

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In-app task management

Our in-app task management lets you implement step-by-step SOPs to ensure worker safety, note dangerous or unsafe conditions, and close the feedback loop directly.

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Checklists, instructions & tutorials

Our app features image-rich checklists, instructions & tutorials, to help workers easily log updates and follow instructions, without confusion or complexity.

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Fleet-wide views

Create customized fleet-wide views and unlock critical insights to drive asset performance and manage your teams. Manage all maintenance records including: tagged photos and onsite assets notes all in single location.

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Multi-language support

60Hertz supports multiple languages and dialects. Remote workers read maintenance prompts in a different language than their supervisor may speak.

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Service record reports

Track time invested on asset repairs and maintenance and prompt field staff to perform hour-based preventative maintenance, with 60Hertz service record reports.

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