Offline-First Maintenance Management Software for Utilities & Asset Owners

A custom-built solution for your dynamic maintenance program, from field operations to data-driven decision-making back at the office.

60Hertz Offline-first CMMS

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Reduce Downtime & Failure

Our platform is designed to help flag potential asset issues and drive returns on revenue-generating assets, even in poor/latent connectivity locations.

Protect and Monitor

Preventative maintenance is the foundation of off-grid asset longevity. Engage your remote teams, improve accountability and schedule maintenance tasks.

Elevate Onsite Agents

Our mobile-first software works well in remote and rugged environments, ideal for bespoke maintenance models with onsite personnel and technical support. 

Optimum Cybersecurity

Our technology meets the government-required level of cybersecurity and resilience. Including standards like GovCloud, NIST framework and SOC compliance.

Versatile & Customizable

60Hertz understands your workflows are unique. Our system moulds to your operations through customizable forms and work orders.

No Need to Rely on the Cloud

Our software retains data in a secure, uninterruptible power supply. Mobile devices automatically upload all field data when in a connected area.

Boost Revenue Generation

60Hertz’s pricing and software design allow you to economically engage in projects with multiple players and drive untapped maintenance revenues.

No Guessing or Waiting

When recording routine maintenance tasks, our software allows for scheduled alerts so you don’t miss future maintenance checks.

CMMS For All Utilities

From utility poles and vegetation maintenance to substations and transformers to DERs and EV Chargers, our CMMS is purpose-built for unique maintenance needs.

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We thrive where other solutions end.

60Hertz TRAK App for Mobile

TRAK is a clean & responsive mobile app that helps onsite and field agents in rural and remote locations easily track, manage and repair critical assets.

Simple to Use

Our clear user interface allows local technicians to add photos and diagrams while offering easy navigation for users.

Offline First

Your remote assets require reliable offline CMMS. Our app supports offline productivity for you to get work done anywhere. 

Maintenance Manager for Desktop

Our 60Hertz Maintenance Manager platform allows access to smart-syncing algorithms, flexible forms and workflows to create a seamless connection between your remote workers and regionalized maintenance hubs.

Asset and Task Management

Manage customized triggers such as run hours, seasons and conditions. Build capacity with prompts, images and checklists. 

Customized Analysis and Reports

Field data can easily be made actionable. Manage team efficiency while sharing information across stakeholders.

Case Studies

Discover more about our big wins and success stories

Vegetation Management
Mother nature and power lines are not the best of friends. Low-hanging lines, dangerous trees and overgrown vegetation can be disruptive and dangerous for utilities and their workforce. Find out how the 60Hertz Software can resolve utility inspection and maintenance management hazards.
Substation Inspections
Inspecting all aspects of a substation is crucial for ensuring reliable delivery of electricity, public and utility personnel safety while adhering strictly to compliance requirements. 60Hertz purpose-built platform is the perfect solution to substation inspections and maintenance.
Pole Inspections
Utilities today face the daunting task of maintaining, inspecting and repairing a vast array of grid assets. Find out how advanced CMMS and mobile workflows can assist pole inspections.
Public Power
Historically technologies aiming to improve reliability and lower the cost of electricity delivery have been aimed at large Utilities. Implementing cost-reducing technologies becomes difficult for Public Power and Coops. 60Hertz provides a single platform that is easy to use regardless of the size of your utility, making compliance and audits a breeze.

Awards and Recognitions

Solving Maintenance Challenges

We understand the pains of poor connectivity, manual processes and managing varying abilities. These can translate to catastrophic failures that cause preventable damage to assets and revenue growth. 

Our cross-platform software (iOS and Android) has responsive functionality for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers

Light and dark mode makes maintenance easy in dark mines or extremely light solar power plants

Digital records ease the review of historical data and our easy-to-use design reduces the training period

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