Predictive Analytics in Renewable Energy

Are your solar or wind projects running at their highest efficiency? Renewable energy analytics are derived from operational data sets. Take your Data Acquisition System (DAS) or other telemetry on asset performance.


Renewable Energy Analytics: How It Works

Are your solar or wind projects running at their highest efficiency? Renewable energy analytics are derived from operational data sets. Take your Data Acquisition System (DAS) or other telemetry on asset performance.

Consider maintenance logs like those we, at 60Hertz, help our customers gather. Consider even the AI accessible via ChatGPT or similar.

All of these data sets — if evaluated holistically — compose the sort of analytics that Operations Directors and Asset Managers may employ to optimize the performance or maintenance planning or replacement scheduling of renewable energy assets. What kind of insights come?

Analytics can identify and address critical issues related to efficient production, revenue optimization, capacity utilization factors, procurement of new hardware, pricing of future bids, supply chain issues, subcontractor pay structure, and site reliability metrics.

By taking advantage of the latest advances in cutting-edge software technology combined with Machine Learning capabilities, let alone AI, renewable energy analytics enables wind and solar owners to make better-informed decisions on how they manage their operations and maintenance – ultimately increasing profitability.

If you are keen to improve your Return On Investment (ROI) by developing a cost effective O&M strategy, this blog is for you. We will explain the benefits behind renewable energy analytic integration, and how this will help your business generate more power.


How Renewable Energy Analytics Help Improve ROI—at a Glance

Feature How It Improves ROI
Predictive maintenance Reduces downtime, saves repair costs.
Energy demand forecasting Optimizes energy production, increases sales.
Performance monitoring Identifies inefficiencies, enhances output.
Resource optimization Maximizes resource use, lowers operational costs.
Weather prediction analysis Anticipates changes, reduces weather-related losses.


The Benefits of Renewable Energy Analytics Integration

By utilizing data-driven insights provided by renewable energy analytics, you’ll be able to gain deeper insight into your assets’ performance and usage, as well as predict common data trends and make them actionable.


Renewable EnergyValuable Insights Into Your Energy Data

Renewable energy analytics software is often sold as a separate license from an ERP, a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Analytics companies can be integrated into the tools above to deliver these insights. Some monitoring software offers an analytics layer. It’s important to evaluate the cost, ease of use, and type of insights that the analysis will raise.

Unlike utility-scale PV, Energy Storage Systems have few competitors today when it comes to analytics, given the relative nacency of storage. Importantly, renewable energy analytics go far beyond Excel pivot tables or even querying historical reports. A good analytics tool should come with a degree of consultancy from the software provider.

Developers or their asset owners may need to take appropriate action based on the insights that an analytics software provides. It provides a more accurate and efficient alternative to manual processes for understanding how external factors like weather patterns and atmospheric conditions impact your energy outcomes.



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Reduce O&M Costs

By utilizing the information gathered by energy analytics, you can optimize repair or replace decisions and strategize your maintenance approach.

Time-consuming manual processes and visual inspections, especially in larger, more remote locations, can be streamlined by automating maintenance activities, such as sending reports, automating workflows and documenting findings.

Moreover, failures can be quickly located and troubleshooted from the comfort of a supervisor’s desk, allowing the fleet to be dispatched, prepared with the tools they need to complete the job.


Simple And Secure Information Sharing

The best analytics are derived from models that encompass not only deep data sets, but also cross-functional data sets. Asset management is notoriously siloed from the first-hand observations of field technicians and field service personnel.

60Hertz emphasizes the importance of capturing insights from field techs; site, sound, smell and years of experience can never replace analytics, robotics, and AI. Most importantly, avoiding miscommunications or task resolution is important within CMMS or Analytics platforms.

WIthout this, project delays due to lost notes, inspection data collected or tickets are likely.. Historical data, conversations, messages, work orders all must be quickly accessible from any device and location by all team member


Renewable Energy

How Renewable Energy Analytics Help Your Business Generate More Power

Renewable energy analytics allow power generation companies to optimize their production processes, streamline operational efficiencies, and reduce their carbon footprint, resulting in increased renewable energy output and huge operational cost savings.

These advanced analytical techniques, which use sophisticated algorithms and data analytics software to forecast and analyze energy production, consumption, and performance metrics, provide insights that help companies predict energy demands, identify inefficiencies, and improve renewable energy systems’ overall productivity and profitability.

Innovations in data-driven technology continue to evolve rapidly, enabling energy producers to utilize data-driven insights to maximize the output of wind and solar energy while minimizing costs and environmental impact, paving the way for a more sustainable energy future.


Learn more about the power of maintenance logs and 60Hertz from our blog:


Here are some ways renewable energy analytics help optimize energy generation:


Take Fast Action

Renewable energy analytics help identify patterns in energy generation and the factors at play that affect the consistency of these levels. Analytics can also help identify inefficiencies and anomalies so that adjustments can be made to improve asset performance.

When you’re armed with real-time system data, adjustments can be made quickly and technicians can act fast to resolve the issues before escalation and asset downtime is drastically reduced.


Knowledge is Power

Building a comprehensive database of asset data insights can significantly enhance the decision-making process for system and operational changes. This is because the availability of detailed information and analysis on assets offers decision makers a deeper understanding of the condition, performance, and functionality of their equipment or facilities.

Having access to such data can help decision makers identify patterns, risks, and opportunities for improvement, and make informed decisions that optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.


Predict Weather Patterns

Leveraging big data analytics and machine learning algorithms help predict the impact of weather on maintenance planning. While no one can predict long-term weather with high accuracy yet, identifying likely maintenance tasks can optimize truck rolls: unscheduled maintenance is the leading cause of projects missing their Return on Investment.

Weather and unscheduled maintenance are closely correlated for solar, wind, BESS and microgrid assets. The behavior and the effects of atmospheric and environmental conditions on solar panels enable more efficient preparedness during extreme weather.


Asset Longevity

As technology evolves, this allows renewable energy businesses to benefit from access to more in depth and accurate data to help inform efficiency of assets and gain more mileage from an asset’s lifespan.


Reduce Operational Costs

With proper insight into operational and maintenance costs, renewable energy developers can take advantage of this knowledge to inform their financial decisions and not fall victim to easily overlooked bottom line losses.

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The Simplicity of Renewable Energy Analytics and 60Hertz Energy

As a result of incredible technological advancements in renewable energy, substantial government investment, and a greater emphasis on big data analytics, the field of renewable energy management analytics has seen remarkable progress. A tech pioneer such as Quadrical comes to mind.

Quadrical Ai is a technical asset management platform for solar & storage and digital twin AI. Combining data engineering, deep math, prediction & anomaly detection AI, the Quadrical platform is built with proprietary and patented AI.

Quadrical, in partnership with 60Hertz, has the potential to improve asset generation by 2-4% and O&M efficiency by 15%.

Digital twins combined with near-real time analysis of energy, loads and economics companies can create “revenue-prioritized systems”. By creating these systems, new levels of efficiency and effectiveness are unlocked. Meanwhile, an O&M nexus ensures insights are actionable.

There are many stories of Asset Managers receiving cues from analytics tools, but using inferior or legacy software to schedule service, thus delaying or entirely missing action on the insights provided.No ticket should fall through the cracks.

So what’s the significance of this metadata?

Many software tools miss a piece: operational metadata. Operational metadata can help inform analytics tools. This feedback loop enriches economic understanding of true costs that have the most impact on the bottom line.

60Hertz, along with our partners at Quadrical, have learnt that O&M managers will gain a better idea of costs and revenue saved, predict OPEX with a pre-packed toolkit of equipment and materials costs associated with your O&M program are depicted in black and white and inform ROI.

A ticket with this system tells you if you don’t do X you will lose $Y.

Managers can also prioritize tickets based on their improved knowledge. With more data inputs, means more sophisticated AI and richer data insights.

If your preventative maintenance lacks predictive analytics, it still functions as a reactive plan with no clear, informed goals towards achieving optimal ROI.

Renewable Energy Analytics


Evaluating maintenance with AI and predictive analytics, through the lens of Revenue-Prioritized Tickets is a valuable tool to communicate with leadership, leverage budget for new projects or staff, and use software to make good financial decisions.

This level of analytics, monitoring, and CMMS is not typically available within basic work order or field data capture systems. That’s why utilizing specialized software such as 60Hertz is essential for optimizing your CMMS solutions.


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