CMMS Maintenance Software “purpose-built” for Utilities & Critical Infrastructure Assets

The future of maintenance is digital. 60Hertz is paving the way for your Distributed Energy Resource (DER). 

Simplify the Maintenance and Management of your Assets with an All-In-One CMMS Software

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) for your on- and off-grid electrical and renewable energy assets.

Why work with 60Hertz for your CMMS maintenance software needs?


Get the full picture of your business, avoid failures, improve maintenance and optimize performance today.

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We’re a Global Leader in CMMS Software

Minimize Downtime & Asset Failure

Streamline procedures, communications, work order management and inventory management.

Offline-First Capabilities

Access asset monitoring in the most remote and no/low-connectivity environments.

Optimize Onsite Agents

Reduce travel time and stay on top of tasks. All asset data is digitally delivered right to your managers.

Configure Your Own Sites

Customize and implement the right software solution for any maintenance operations.

Mobile TRAK App for Field Agents

Quickly check asset data, update work forms, and message each other, all from mobile devices.

Cloud-Based Admin Portal

Gain full visibility and accountability on workers, assets and equipment.

Streamline Communications

Instant and uninterrupted communication with in-app messaging.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Optimize your decision-making in the field with our analytics tools.

Robust Cybersecurity

Ensure your data is always protected as our cyber security is NIST NSF, SOC Type1 and Type2 and DFARS/Gov Cloud certified.

Time-Tested and Proven CMMS Maintenance Software


Of energy assets maintained


Successfully completed site inspections


Different types of assets maintained

Up to 20%

ROI from day 1 with our CMMS software

Don’t Risk Catastrophic Asset Failure

Team up with 60Hertz today for seamless managed maintenance software solutions.

Made for Rugged and Remote Environments

While other CMMS solution providers struggle to maintain performance in offline/poor connectivity environments, the TRAK app is a truly offline-first software. 

From field workers to supervisors, offline-first capabilities make it easy for anyone to streamline workflow and optimize productivity.

What Else Can the TRAK App Do?
CMMS Software Solutions

Advanced Features of our Maintenance Management Software

Our Maintenance Management Software and TRAK app boast simple-to-use features that anyone can quickly become familiar with.

Even our more advanced functions are accessible, such as:

No-Headache, Offline-First, Mobile App

With the Maintenance Manager desktop platform, supervisors can push work orders, inspection requests, and other messages to field workers equipped with the TRAK app. 

Human-Centered Design (HCD) for Everyone

Anyone can use the TRAK app with its user-friendly interface that’s also available in multiple languages.

The app lets them collect critical asset data, complete work forms, get directions to job sites, view historical asset data, and more, all in simple and straightforward terms. 

CMMS Maintenance Software
CMMS Software

Don’t Wait for a Catastrophic Asset Failure

With 60Hertz CMMS technology, you can resolve problems fast and effectively.

Real-Time Feedback Loop for Troubleshooting

Don’t rely on a maintenance team to discover a problem. With our CMMS software, a controller sends an immediate alert upon detecting an issue.

Once a local site agent is automatically dispatched, they’ll have all the troubleshooting tools they need, right at their fingertips.

Minimize the Chances of Disaster

Centralized managers can now easily oversee their asset maintenance programs and MRO inventory at the granular level.

This gives them the power to optimize processes, maintain accountability and discover issues without delay.

Witness an increase in overall performance, a decrease in interruptions, and an improvement in SAIDI and SAFI metrics.

CMMS Software Company
CMMS Maintenance Software

CMMS Software Built for the Distributed Energy Asset Industry

Our TRAK app is so effective at managing maintenance for our customers because we’ve designed it to work specifically for the distributed energy asset industry.

From electrical substations to solar panel farms and everything in between, our CMMS maintenance software is the ideal choice to track, record and get notified of maintenance tasks.

What Makes 60Hertz and the TRAK App so Useful?

Customized forms can be specifically designed to deliver information to the field and ensure that field crews collect all the data headquarters needs to act accordingly.

We’ve designed simple point and click/check box data entries for many fields, making it easy to collect and record everything you need to facilitate streamlined maintenance for all your assets.

Case Studies

Discover more about our big wins and success stories

Vegetation Management
Mother nature and power lines are not the best of friends. Low-hanging lines, dangerous trees and overgrown vegetation can be disruptive and dangerous for utilities and their workforce. Find out how the 60Hertz Software can resolve utility inspection and maintenance management hazards.
Substation Inspections
Inspecting all aspects of a substation is crucial for ensuring reliable delivery of electricity, public and utility personnel safety while adhering strictly to compliance requirements. 60Hertz purpose-built platform is the perfect solution to substation inspections and maintenance.
Pole Inspections
Utilities today face the daunting task of maintaining, inspecting and repairing a vast array of grid assets. Find out how advanced CMMS and mobile workflows can assist pole inspections.
Public Power
Historically technologies aiming to improve reliability and lower the cost of electricity delivery have been aimed at large Utilities. Implementing cost-reducing technologies becomes difficult for Public Power and Coops. 60Hertz provides a single platform that is easy to use regardless of the size of your utility, making compliance and audits a breeze.

Awards and Recognitions

Step Into the Future With 60Hertz, a Pioneer in CMMS Software

The future of enterprise asset management is digital. It’s the best way to improve productivity, oversight and ROI.

Though it can sometimes feel like a big shift, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

CMMS software reduces the chances and extent of asset failure. It’s a small investment to avoid big financial losses and major service interruptions.

Make your RED successful and accessible. Streamline daily maintenance tasks, ease communication and elongate asset lifecycle with predictive maintenance.

Improve visibility with features like custom checklists, time-stamps and historical data. Your entire field crew is now fully connected and fully accountable.

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