7 CMMS Benefits (And Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Multiple Solutions)

If you’re managing energy assets, you know firsthand the importance of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and the benefits of a CMMS. It becomes much easier to get your backlog under control and increase the lifespan of your assets.

In a previous blog, we covered what a CMMS is and how it can benefit your business, and we also explored some of the benefits of implementing a CMMS. (Who doesn’t want to automate labor-intensive, repetitive tasks, especially when it comes to operations and maintenance?)

If you need a refresher, a CMMS is a software that streamlines your maintenance projects, providing easy access to information like last service date, and available equipment and vehicles.

In this article, you’ll learn about CMMS benefits, why it’s important to just have one, and how to select the best option for your business.

The Top 7 Benefits of CMMS 

Here are some of the best ways your business and operations can benefit from a CMMS:

1. Get Ahead of Your Maintenance Backlog

Though you’ll likely never get rid of your maintenance backlog completely, getting ahead of the curve as much as you can keeps business flowing smoothly. At national parks across the U.S., the maintenance backlog has ballooned to $12 billion dollars.


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Though the federal government has since made funding available to address these issues, it still shows how hard it is, especially in terms of money and time, to fully recover once your backlog gets out of control.

When you work with a CMMS, you get a holistic view of your expenses and your available resources, helping you make cost-effective decisions.

2. Access Asset Information On the Go

When you depend on pen and paper for your maintenance strategy, it’s impossible to get a 360-degree view of your maintenance necessities. With a CMMS like 60hertz Energy, you’re able to view asset inspections and work orders, customize your forms to suit the needs of your business, and keep an eye on your maintenance schedules.

The right CMMS, again like 60Hertz, also offers offline capability that helps you access the information you need—anytime, anywhere. Inclusive design, including descriptive icons and layouts, also makes the CMMS easy for your team to use.

3. Improve the Lifespan of Your Assets

Another benefit of CMMS software that you absolutely shouldn’t overlook is how using a CMMS can increase the lifespan of your assets. Though age isn’t always the reason your assets may fail, you also shouldn’t take the “patch and pray” approach. It will cost you eventually.

benefits of cmms

When you integrate CMMS into your operations and maintenance (also known as O&M) workflow, you’re able to track the conditions of your assets—what was repaired when, and if there are any consistent problems. For example, if there’s a specific part that continues to fail most often across the same types of assets, and you’ll be able to retain

4. Streamline Work Requests and Orders

With the pen and paper approach to preventative maintenance and record-keeping, you have to worry about physical file infrastructure and timelines—with far too much risk of tasks falling between the cracks. With a CMMS, you’re able to better organize your work orders and simplify tracking for work that needs to be done.

A CMMS also helps you be proactive when you’re looking ahead for your maintenance tasks—you can generate a work order when certain qualifications are met (for example, subpar operation conditions).

5. Reduce the Cost of Repairs

When you manage your assets more effectively, you’re able to reduce the cost of repairs thanks to fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs overall, and reduced likelihood of components malfunctioning. And, as we mentioned before, you’ll extend the lifespan of your assets, all while making cost-conscious decisions.

6. Increase Operational Safely

With the increased risk of the pen and paper approach to maintenance logging, you run an equally high risk of falling behind on maintenance for your assets. Another benefit of CMMSes, though, is that you can confirm that your assets operate within healthy parameters, and that your safety features are working as they should.


Learn how the right CMMS empowers you to make data-driven decisions with these blogs:


Your CMMS also facilitates compliance with regulation by providing detailed documentation, and streamlines your work permit management.

7. Prepare for Audits Ahead of Time

Asset and systems audits are absolutely necessary, and when you organize your data with the help of a CMMS, the next audit becomes that much easier. And, ultimately, you can save a lot of money by avoiding fines.

During the next audit, the data you’ll have at your fingertips makes it incredibly simple to, for example, find the most recent maintenance record for a particular asset.

Other than all of the benefits listed above, you should choose one CMMS for your asset management to keep things centralized and simple. If you try to migrate data across multiple CMMSes, your maintenance operation is going to get conflicting results, and you’ll be stuck in a similar position to the limits of pen and paper.

With one CMMS, your maintenance teams are able to access the information they need for the same system—minimizing the risks of reporting and repair errors. When you choose a CMMS like 60Hertz, you also get streamlined system integration. You’re able to consolidate data from multiple sources into the same CMMS—from ERP to live monitoring data sources.

Get the most from your maintenance planning and recordkeeping with 60Hertz’s highly flexible CMMS—ready to deploy on the go, and easy to use for teams in rural areas with its offline capability.

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