A diamond in the rough: 60Hertz CMMS for mining exploration camps

Resource development and mineral exploration companies face many challenges: remote power generation, uncertain mineralization deposits, spotty communications connectivity and local employee capacity are just the beginning. The conventional maintenance tools suited to your large scale operations are too expensive and cumbersome for exploration sites.


If your company is launching a Phase I drill program, you don’t need an IBM Maximo, or Elipse, or SAP ERP. Installing those CMMS products at an exploration site could be like killing a fly with a tank. Rather, you need 60Hertz’s CMMS for mining camps. Until mineralization is discovered to yield wider investment in each payload, infrastructure maintenance may get short-changed. Maintenance directors may feel pressured to cut corners and leave field maintenance to paper and clipboard, or attempt a tech work-around that demands extensive human input. The expense of investing in digital tools designed for larger enterprises may not be justifiable at speculative sites.


If your facilities maintenance manager is managing equipment maintenance through excel, sms text messages and paper checklists; there is likely room for improvement.


Consider 60Hertz as CMMS-lite. We are not Maximo or SAP nor do we aspire to be. When cost matters and an outcome is uncertain, junior mining companies need a CMMS that helps achieve effective operational execution, and is affordable. 60Hertz can give you an efficient ground-game in terms of asset maintenance which means that you’ll invest less capital on diesel, repairs, downtime, and back-up power. An expensive CMMS may not always be the best way to get tighter maintenance operations.


When safety, asset uptime, and team performance are critical, your software tools need to work.


Here’s how 60Hertz CMMS serves your mining operations:

  • White glove onboarding services at an affordable price with fast turn around. We know of mining companies that are yet to fully onboard assets into their legacy systems 13 years after launch. For an exploration site, this time-frame is laughable.


  • Accessible user interface that makes every one of your employees successful. It’s easy to use our intuitive app, with its large-font, big icons and plenty of white space.


  • Professional routines and structure, that despite the simple UI, are empowered with more than 250hours of Human Centered Design and a platform co-developed with maintenance professionals.


  • Pricing models that offer unlimited users and unlimited assets for a flexible subscription based on the size of your power generation.


  • Reports on personnel performance that give supervisors insights on employee time spent on a job, location tracking, and jobs accomplished.


  • Explanatory graphics that remind field technicians of a Standard Operating Procedure; are able to assist with troubleshooting; and can incorporate elements of equipment manuals.


  • Reliable photo documentation that your maintenance staff will find valuable. Photos at site can be a tool for regulatory compliance, fault detection, or warranty documentation.


  • A robust safety management system that aligns with properly installed and maintained power assets, and can contribute to the lighting, ventilation, heating and alarm systems at site.


From seasoned diesel mechanics, to IPPs providing remote renewables, to local hires, our checklist-driven preventive maintenance routines are 100% configurable to your site. The platform was originally designed for remote power, but has grown to maintain all remote critical infrastructure.


Junior mining faces many hurdles and liabilities. Running an exploration operation in a remote location with no electricity grid is expensive to power reliably. Hiring, training, and upskilling local employees can be challenging in especially remote or emerging markets.


60Hertz can help you check affordable maintenance software off the list.

We’ve got this!

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Piper Foster Wilder

Piper Foster Wilder is a Humboldt Fellow and is former Vice President of Amatis Controls. She is committed to creating meaningful work for all people and enabling a transition to renewable energy while economizing the diesel that some must use. She holds multiple awards for her entrepreneurship and social impact initiatives.