Building a Culture of Maintenance takes Process

Whether you brush your teeth before or after breakfast, work out in the morning or evening, wonder why your dog stares at you at certain times of the day, or how you prepare food for your family – we all are invested in our own processes and routines. The same concept of “trust the process” applies to maintenance management for energy production and distribution. New microgrid projects are popping up everywhere, and the key question is, “How do you properly maintain that energy infrastructure for years to come?”

60Hertz applies what we’ve learned from the mature utility sector throughout the United States to the broader energy-access sectors across the globe.

The processes that suit a large, long-standing utility can be characterized as a “culture of maintenance”. The art of creating this culture of maintenance is discerning which processes ought to be flexible and which must be fixed. One must take into account the energy assets’ production capabilities and requirements on a backdrop of use cases that span small rural African villages to MW scale hydro power plants. 60 Hertz understands the processes needed to provide quality maintenance management and increase “asset reliability” of domestic critical infrastructure.

Globally what do those processes look like? How can someone get ahead of a potential problem in Ghana’s petroleum distribution supply chain? How do you ensure asset uptime if your part time worker has limited formal training? A recent study by GE regarding the importance of “Equipment Reliability” notes:

“ To be clear, the potential benefits of predictive maintenance are enormous. Plant operators can now tap into data from asset sensors, enterprise asset management (EAM) and information technology (IT) systems to monitor power island and balance of plant equipment health in real time. Plant operators can use this data to predict and prevent unplanned outages and prioritize maintenance activities in ways that align with a utility’s business objectives. A move from traditional time-based O&M toward digitally enabled predictive maintenance improves reliability and lowers O&M expenses.”

As a  digitally enabled maintenance platform, 60Hertz’s CMMS shines. We work with developing nations, microgrid companies, and a multitude of other critical infrastructure organizations to provide a clear view into what is currently happening at your plants/towers/sites and to give you the correct data to forecast future maintenance related decisions. 60Hertz O&M strategies to emerging market energy management, our offline capabilities, and dedication to working with microgrid developers is unmatched in the space. A recent study from SolarPower Europe regarding the proper processes in setting up a successful O&M strategy throughout Africa states:

“Site data is crucial to ensure owners, and AM and O&M providers are aware of what is occurring on site and how the equipment is behaving throughout its lifetime. It is crucial to ensure that prompt action is taken once a fault is identified and provide vital information on potential areas of underperformance.”


Get in Touch with 60 Hertz for Maintenance Management Solutions

We understand the importance of equipment reliability in developing nations, and this is why 60Hertz is working with many Sub-Saharan based companies to perfect the maintenance management strategies needed to ensure a safe and reliable microgrid environment with asset monitoring and control related hardware. We are using our successes domestically to help build out a maintenance “playbook”culture for developing countries and their microgrid developers. Our CMMS software is the best way to get your O&M strategy off the ground.

60Hertz is at the forefront of microgrid maintenance and critical infrastructure reliability. We can guide you to “trust the process” and help to properly maintain your core/critical assets with a data-driven approach.

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