60Hertz All New V3.0

Well, we’ve got big news.

A brand new version of 60Hertz’s remote maintenance management platform comes to market in July.


Version 3.0 works on Android and iOs tablets and phones. We can accommodate an unlimited type and number of assets. The user interface is brand new and looks more professional, while still meeting our commitment to accessible, simple, larger-font design. Users can define their own themes, terms, color scheme and choose their own language. There is light mode and dark mode. Our infrastructure is more robust and enables us to scale. We started from scratch but have just scratched the surface in terms of features we plan to develop over the next nine months.


Yet we bring the same domain expertise in understanding remote, rugged, places and extreme environments. Our care for human maintainers and asset longevity remains defining. 60Hertz’s commitment to off-line first, mobile-first, human-first maintenance management platform will delight our customers and supporters.


One story stands out from the past six months of design work. As new ideas for features for V3 surfaced, our CTO — industry veteran Jason Doherty — consistently answered our enthusiastic conviction that users really needed in-app messaging, with a monotone if not sarcastic “Maybe? I don’t know. Show me 30 customers who need this and then we can think about building it.” Man was it frustrating! Boy was he right!


If we learned anything from Version 2.0, it’s that some features I was certain the market needed were barely used.


By contrast, Work Orders is a feature so fundamental to maintenance management software, even Jason agreed. But how 60Hertz develops work-orders is the next frontier. Stay tuned for next week to read our next thoughts on this important corrective maintenance feature.

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Piper Foster Wilder

Piper Foster Wilder is a Humboldt Fellow and is former Vice President of Amatis Controls. She is committed to creating meaningful work for all people and enabling a transition to renewable energy while economizing the diesel that some must use. She holds multiple awards for her entrepreneurship and social impact initiatives.