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Advocates for Traditional Methods Meeting Modern Technology

Our talented team members are proud to have worked with an array of customers from high-profile electric co-op, to small-scale utility & renewable energy asset owners.

 We empower local operators to be prosperous in their work, improve up-time and prevent system failures by proactively maintaining and optimizing energy assets. Our intuitive platform offers checklists, templates and workflows to help you manage your assets’ maintenance routine—a breeze for your maintenance teams to adopt and increase revenue generation.

Our Mission

60Hertz set out to finance and develop renewable assets in the notoriously cold and dark Arctic, heavily dependent on diesel. 

Maintaining prospective investors’ assets in locations with poor telecom service (where local agents had limited training and part-time pay) all foreshadowed failure. Worse, stories of infrastructure failings were numerous.

Given the founding team’s background in developing mobile apps for last-mile agents in emerging markets, and ancestry in Alaska’s primarily native villages, 60Hertz saw a market gap. 

 What if maintenance software could help individuals do their job with more confidence while gaining troubleshooting skills? 

What if maintenance software worked well for people who were wary of technology or didn’t have formal training? 

What if the people manually copying data points or interpreting the weekly fax from the field could do their jobs with less effort? 

The answer is 60Hertz.

Our team has invested more than 250 hours of field research rooted in human-centred design in multiple sectors and geographies with different types of workers. We’ve created a solution that boasts functionality and simplicity.

60Hertz constantly invests in learning about our users. The more we learn, the more we discover that people don’t know their value as a resource for their communities and employers. These hard-working, committed individuals should be hailed. Maintainers are carers, and we dedicate our work to the unsung and invisible tasks that yield meaningful service.

Our Team
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Piper Foster Wilder is a Humboldt Fellow and is former Vice President of Amatis Controls. She is committed to creating meaningful work for all people and enabling a transition to renewable energy while economizing the diesel that some must use. She holds multiple awards for her entrepreneurship and social impact initiatives.

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Tonya James holds a Masters in Business Administration and humbly admits she is the 17th generation to serve in our nation’s military and the first female combat veteran. She has spent the last 6+ years in the renewable energy industry and has played an essential role in assisting the launch of 60Hertz. Tonya is passionate about supporting energy sovereignty for rural populations.

Chief Technology Officer

With over 20 years of experience in software and systems engineering and his Undergrad and MS in Computer Science from Penn State, David is an integral member of the 60Hertz team, committed to building great teams and ground-breaking software.

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Awards and Accolades

60Hertz is incredibly proud of the lives we have improved and the people we have connected. We are also immensely proud of the awards we picked up along the way!

Awards and Recognitions

Well-Being is Fundamental to Human Accomplishment

60Hertz believes that dignity is the marrow of job ownership.

Our interest in socio-emotional well-being is anchored in workplace safety and helps employers reduce retraining costs or time spent resolving HR issues.  

Supporting human maintenance workers is critical in achieving the full potential of any capital asset.

Our platform encourages relationship building between colleagues while rewarding the routines and disciplines that hallmark the culture of maintenance.

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